Counties served include Antelope, Boone, Boyd, Brown, Burt, Cedar, Cherry, Colfax, Cuming, Dakota, Dixon, Holt, Keya Paha, Knox, Madison, Nance, Pierce, Platte, Rock, Stanton, Thurston, and Wayne Counties in Northeast and North Central Nebraska

Our Story

Mission Statement- History

Our mission is to ensure affordable, accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse services that meet the needs of the residents of the Region 4 Behavioral Health System.

In 1974 the Nebraska Unicameral passed LB302, the Nebraska Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services Act, stating "It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the State of Nebraska that all persons residing in Nebraska shall have access to mental health faciliteis, programs, and services." In 1977, LB204 was passed adding the provision of substance abuse services.

There are six mental health regions in Nebraska organized under Nebraska's Inter-local Agreement Act. Each is unique, yet all play an important role in th provision of behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) services across Nebraska. Nebraska is an extremely diverse state in terms of population, resources and needs. The regional system provides the avenue of local participation and local autonomy in the development and delivery of needed services.

The effectiveness of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Regions over the years has been rooted in their ability to represent and respond to local needs. This effectiveness is then enhanced through the partnerships the Regions have forged with contract providers, the State, other human service providers, and the people they are responsible to serve.

Roles and Responsibilities

Network Management
Determine minimum standards for behavioral health providers
Provider enrollment
Determine the capacity necessary to meet a balanced behavorial health system
Provide technical assistance to providers as needed
Quality management
Assist with program certification

Develop a coordinated and integrated behavioral health delivery system
Ensure that coordination is both internal (within the Region and/or between contract services) and external (between Regions, the State, and non-publicly funded services)
Coordinated service for children and adolescents with serious emotional disorder and their families utilizing a wraparound approach
Regional Youth Coordination
Prevention Services

Responsible for advocating for children, adults and families who experience mental health and substance abuse problems
Advocate for system improvements

Determine local behavioral health needs
Determine the effective use of existing resources
Annual and long-range planning to ensure the development of a balanced service system
Represent the needs of communities and gain support for the regional system of care

Program Development and Management
Assess the current service delivery system and identify gaps and barriers
Develop strategies to effectively meet needs, fill gaps and overcome barriers

Fiscal Management and Accountability
Accountable for all sources and expenditures of public funds (federal, state and county) it administers
Contract Monitoring
Monitor and track outcome and performance standards
Annual fiscal programmatic reviews of contract providers

Evaluation and Quality Management
Responsible for ensuring the effetive utilization of its resources within the regional network
Ensure quality services and improvements as necessary

Technical Assistance and Consultation
Provide technical assistance to numerous community teams, family support networks and child and family serving organizations
Provide independent service coordination and community support services

Service Provision
Provide necessary mental health and substance abuse services to ensure that all Nebraskans have access to needed care
Fill gaps in services as needed
Provide independent service coordination and community support services

Statutory and Regulatory Responsiblities
Organize and supervise comprehensive mental health and substance abuse programs, services and facilities under its jurisdiction
Ensure that needed services are provided
Report annually to the Department of Health and Human Services regarding the expenditure of funds and the evaluation of services
Develop an annual regional plan based upon need and availability of resources
Appoint Mental Health and Substance Abuse Advisory Committees
Consult with Advisory Committees on planning, organizing, contracting, program evaluation, and fiscal analysis of services in the Region

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